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Color Trends from Atlanta

New bags from cinda b.I am fresh off the plane from Atlanta with ideas and inspiration for the coming seasons. Soon you will be seeing merchandise in Thornberry Cottage from this trip, like new scarves and jewelry, but much of my ordering was done for the fall, holiday and even spring months! Sometimes it is hard to look at snowflakes and Easter bunnies when the weather outside is so hot, but it definitely keeps me on my toes! I always look forward to this time of year when I get to pack my bags and check out the trends from across the country.

My mother, Jean, and I used to travel to some of the smaller, regional markets together, but it seems that the grandkids are taking up more of her time these days. So, I recruited my ever faithful and helpful husband, Bob, to come along to Atlanta this year. It turns out having him there to help lug around my growing briefcase through the market was a smart choice. He was also a pretty good dinner companion after a long days work ;)

At market I get to look at many styles and take a gamble on which new looks will succeed in our area. I think that we will be seeing more indigo blue for spring. It looks great just paired with white or even accompanied by natural elements such as bleached wood and seashells. For the Easter season, I think we will continue to see the bright pastels that have been popular, but less pinks in the mix.




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